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As my favourite medium, I prefer paper from daily newspapers. The information and illustrations in the newspapers provide me with the background for my artistic work. For the visual design my motivation grows from the change of the given, with the necessary resulting artistic stylistic means. This procedure can be referred to as a "crossover". A method of conscious and unconscious work steps that leads directly to the necessary image statement, the image content. I would like to describe my work process with the result as - the awakening of the dream, remembering the future. I love the lightness of paper, my favorite material for painting, collage and sculpture. Modern Art presented directly from the art studio or from the vast collection from Ahmed Borais art pool - narrtive painting, narrative sculpture, paperwork, fotocollage and more artworks here on this page. There is an own Shopservice with recommendations. The artworks here can also be purchased on SaatchiArt.

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